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Golden Stave Foundation

Foundation History

In 1990, the Golden Stave Foundation was formed as a not-for-profit Trust Fund for the purpose of providing money, property or benefits to funds, authorities or institutions, endorsed as Deductible Gift Recipients, which contribute towards the relief of poverty, destitution, sickness, helplessness and misfortune amongst persons and particularly children suffering from physical, intellectual and emotional disabilities.

The initial Trustees nominated were Barry Chapman (Chairman), Michael Chugg AM, Chris Gilbey OAM, Peter Hebbes AM, Nick Hampton as Company Secretary assisted in setting up the Foundation with Maryanne Knight nominated as Settler of the Trust Deed. In future years, two further Trustees were appointed, Graham Fear and Brian Harris with Maryanne Knight appointed Lunch Committee Chairman in 1991.

In 2001, the Golden Stave Foundation was re-structured, under the helm of the new Chairman, Graham Fear. The Foundation consisting of three internal Trustees, those being Graham Fear (Chairman), Michael Chugg AM and Peter Hebbes AM together with two independent Trustees, the Hon. Peter Anderson and Lucy Turnbull AO and Maryanne Knight appointed as General Manager.

In 2007, Maryanne Knight stepped down and Larry Warren was appointed General Manager. The Trustees were increased from five to eight with three newly appointed Trustees, Maryanne Knight, Mick Mazzone OAMand Richard Wilkins joining Hon. Peter Anderson, Michael Chugg AM, Graham Fear (Chairman), Peter Hebbes AM and Lucy Turnbull AO.

During 2011, Michael Chugg AM, stepped down from his role as Trustee and Shaun James was elected as a replacement Trustee.

Lucy Turnbull resigned as a Golden Stave Trustee during 2015 following the election of her husband Malcolm Turnbull as the Australian Prime Minister.

In early 2017, Graham Fear with support from the other trustees appointed 3 new Trustees, Simon McGrath COO Accor Hotel Group, Clive Thomas Chairman & CEO CT Freight and David Young Executive Manager Commercial at Qantas Loyalty.

In December 2017, Graham Fear Golden Stave Chairman sadly expectantly passed away. Graham was appointed a Trustee in 1991 and became Chairman in 2001 and he will be sadly missed. His tireless devotion to the success of the Golden Stave is most evident.

At the January 2018 Trustees meeting , Clive Thomas was elected Chairman of the Golden Stave Foundation.

Golden Stave Foundation

Clive Thomas Chairman

Larry Warren General Manager


The Hon. Peter Anderson

Peter Hebbes

Shaun James

Maryanne Knight

Simon McGrath

Mick Mazzone OAM

Clive Thomas

Richard Wilkins

David Young



Golf Day 2022 Postponed

14 Apr 22 - Due to unforeseen  bad weather circumstances Beverley Park Golf Course is currently unplayable and closed to golf for the time being. We are looking to re-schedule the event to possibly sometime in July and will confirm a date in coming weeks.

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