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A Message from the Chairman of the Foundation and Trust

Chairman’s Message

Thank you on behalf of my fellow Trustees for visiting the Foundation website.

As Chairman of the Golden Stave and representing the Trustees; Hon. Peter Anderson, Peter Hebbes AM, Shaun James, Maryanne Knight, Mick Mazzone, Lucy Turnbull AO and Richard Wilkins. We are very proud to work through a group of dedicated, passionate people that care deeply for the community in need. Our collective support ensures that we are able to provide grants that can simply make children's lives more comfortable, or provide medical research support that will ultimately prevent or minimise a form of devastation that can stricken a family from having a normal life that so many of us take for granted.

"Synergy" is a favourite word of mine and the synergy that prevails in our organisation at all levels is very much alive and well and is the hallmark of our consistent success and survival in a very competitive world of charity fundraising.

Not only are we blessed with people prepared to give so much time to the Foundation but we are also indebted to the continued support of both generous donors and event supporters that share the partnerships we foster.

Whilst in recent years we have gone through a metamorphous of change the fundamentals of compassion from our original Trust Deed remains strong and intact.

We have been on a very enjoyable long journey since the Foundation’s inaugural first LUNCH back in 1979 at the old and memorable Sebel Town House in Elizabeth Bay.

As the new style website is launched we also embark on a new positive direction starting in 2014 with changes to events in respect to timings and format that we believe will foster new and wider support.

We are here to serve, care and deliver on your behalf.

Best regards,
Graham Fear

Foundation History

In 1990, the Golden Stave Foundation was formed as a not-for-profit Trust Fund for the purpose of providing money, property or benefits to funds, authorities or institutions, endorsed as Deductible Gift Recipients, which contribute towards the relief of poverty, destitution, sickness, helplessness and misfortune amongst persons and particularly children suffering from physical, intellectual and emotional disabilities.

The initial Trustees nominated were Barry Chapman (Chairman), Michael Chugg AM, Chris Gilbey OAM, Peter Hebbes AM, Nick Hampton as Company Secretary assisted in setting up the Foundation with Maryanne Knight nominated as Settler of the Trust Deed. In future years, two further Trustees were appointed, Graham Fear and Brian Harris with Maryanne Knight appointed Lunch Committee Chairman in 1991.

In 2001, the Golden Stave Foundation was re-structured, under the helm of the new Chairman, Graham Fear. The Foundation consisting of three internal Trustees, those being Graham Fear (Chairman), Michael Chugg AM and Peter Hebbes AM together with two independent Trustees, the Hon. Peter Anderson and Lucy Turnbull AO and Maryanne Knight appointed as General Manager.

In 2007, Maryanne Knight stepped down and Larry Warren was appointed General Manager. The Trustees were increased from five to eight with three newly appointed Trustees, Maryanne Knight, Mick Mazzone and Richard Wilkins joining Hon. Peter Anderson, Michael Chugg AM, Graham Fear (Chairman), Peter Hebbes AM and Lucy Turnbull AO.

During 2011, Michael Chugg AM, stepped down from his role as Trustee and Shaun James was elected as replacement Trustee.