"The Music & Entertainment Industries supporting Childrens Charities"

Golf Day 2006

The Music and Entertainment Industries got together on St Patrick’s Day at the 15th Annual Golden Stave Golf Day to raise more money for childrens’ charities. The new, improved “A Day on the Greens” was held under glorious skies at the picturesque St. Michael’s Golf Course in Little Bay and, after a few teething problems, (including two of the precious drinks carts self destructing), was a huge success. A special note of appreciation should be extended to the Mobile Active crew for their “refreshing” hole, Australian Caption Centre for their “Lip-Sip-Sucks”, Cornerpost for their timely refreshment, Dubsat for the much needed golf balls and Hyperbole for ensuring it was “A Day on the Greens” …. and, of course, a huge thank you to all our sponsors and supporters (hit the sponsors link on this page). This year saw some new sponsors and supporters ‘on board’ which was outstanding news from a fundraising and entertainment point of view, but exposed a flaw in the planning when it became apparent that some of them had never played golf in their life! This, compounded with the mysterious breakdown of Billy Birmingham and Wayne Rowley’s cart on the 16th, led to a longer day than originally planned! Thanks also to Jabba for staying back and MCing the post-game festivities! Many thanks for your generous support to the Golden Stave. 2006 GOLF COMMITTEE: Dean Dezius, Kerri Anne Duckworth, Brian Harris, Maryanne Knight, Dave Lawrence, Roly McAdam, Wayne Rowley and Russell Thomas

Your golden ticket to the 2023 Golden Stave Charity Lunch awaits.

6 Sep 23 - 43 years, $15 million raised, 50+ children's charities in NSW empowered. Covid couldn't keep The Golden Stave down! WE'RE BACK!

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